Welcome to the development site for BuscandoUnCarro. This project is being designed to create an online market place for car dealers who are seeking to increase sales within the latino community in Southern Missouri. By linking directly with the dealers DMS system we are able to seamlessly load current inventory into this site and instantly present fully detailed car listings.

Because we can leverage the power of four radio stations in the Southern Missouri area, including one of the only Spanish broadcast stations, BuscandoUnCarro.com is uniquely positioned to target the latino market. We are able to provide unmatched promotional capability for car dealers in our area.

This site is currently under development and we invite you to return and explore one of the most exciting advertising opportunities for car dealerships in southern Missouri. If you would like to learn more about what we have to offer please call 417-235-6041 for more information.

  • DMS Integration
  • Complete listings including photos and video
  • Fully integrated radio and print advertising
  • A complete advertising channel for the latino community
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